Sondek LP12

The reference transcription turntable for optimum reproduction of LP records - over 25 years of world leadership. Available with three different standards of power supply.

Sondek LP12




Belt Drive Transcription Turntable Platter


33.3/45 rpm

Speed Accuracy

Lingo 0.03%
Valhalla: 0.03%
Basik: 0.1% (Mains Tolerance)

Mains Supply

Lingo: 100/120/220/240V
Valhalla/Basik: 90-132, 198-264V

Power Consumption



W445 x D356 x H140mm



Why Linn Turntables are Famous.

In a Linn record-playing system, turntable quality comes first.

Its ability to extract the most musical information from your records requires speed, accuracy and noiseless bearings with complete freedom from accoustic feedback. The next priority is the tonearm which must hold the cartridge firmly to allow the stylus to be driven accurately by the groove. The integrity of the tonearm construction and the quality of its bearings and electrical connections are all vital in preserving valuable musical detail. All stylus movement, no matter how miniscule, has to be converted into an electrical signal for the preamplifier. The strength of a cartridge body and cantilever, and the precision of its magnet, coils and contacts, must all match the resolution of the finest nude diamond stylus.